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Ferret Lingo and Terminology


Albino Solid white ferret with red eyes
Alpha Ferret The dominant ferret of the house, leader of the pack
Ankle/leg Biter Wanting attention, a treat or to be picked up
Belly Button Well not quite, let's just say you have a male ferret
Bib White fur on chin and throat
Blaze White stripe between the ears going down to the nose. These ferrets can be deaf.
Blown/blowing coat Another way of saying shedding, but happens rather quickly in large amounts (normal)
Bottle Brush Their tail puffs out from excitement, anger or fear..almost like static cling
Business Group of multi ferrets
Butt Wipe Ferret type of toilet paper. After going to the bathroom, they drag their rear on the floor
Chomp Checking out teeth strength..the acting of biting. Usual course is lick-lick-CHOMP
Carpet Shark

laying very close to the floor stretched out, usually just observing. Can also crawl from this position. AKA flat ferret

DEW White ferret with dark (black or deep red) eyes- Dark White Ferret
Dooking Chuckling sounds made when excited, exploring, playing or war dancing. Resembles a rooster sound
Duck Soup Liquefied high-protein food usually given to ill ferrets
FFZ Ferret Free Zone - Ferrets are illegal, Also known as NFFZ - Non-Ferret Friendly Zone
Ferreting Better known as working ferrets. Trained ferrets used for hunting, usually rabbits. Illegal in the US
Ferret Math The art of going from one ferret to two, to three to four to.....
Ferret Proofing Keeping the house as safe as possible for ferrets. Restricting access to areas that can cause them harm
Hob Whole male ferret able to breed. V-Hob - Hob able to breed but fully sterile. Gib - neutered male unable to breed
Jill Whole female ferret able to go into heat and produce kits. Sprite is a spayed female, unable to go into heat or get pregnant
Kit Baby ferret
Mitts White feet or toes
Nip & Run Easier than the chomp action..Invitation to play
Panda Ferret with a predominantly white face, overgrown blaze. These ferrets carry a very high incidence of deafness
Poof Non-descented ferret secretes their anal sacks usually in fear releasing a strong pungent odor that last a few minutes. Best used to clear a house of all unwanted guests in a matter of seconds
Rainbow Bridge A place where your fully healed ferret plays around waiting for you to cross over the bridge together for eternity
Scruffing Pinching by the nape of the neck, just like a mother would do, relaxing and calming the ferret. This will usually result in the ferret yawning away
Shiver Seen when a ferret first wakes up. Way of regulating and increasing their body temperature which drops during sleep time
Snorkeling Immersing entire head in water, often blowing bubbles. Often they forget their scuba gear
Stash Hiding place ferrets store all their treasures usually out of human reach. Missing keys, remote controls, etc can usually be found there. Who needs kids??
Thief Their wonderful gift of stealing whatever they believe is theirs, without being noticed, to add to their stash
War Dance An excited ferret bouncing and thrashing themselves around with stiff legs, arched back, open mouth, swinging head, often flinging into walls and furniture. Usually dooking and bottle brush tail go on at the same time. Ferret on speed
Rat Tail Appearance of blackheads on tail with hair loss and is usually an end result. Usually excess hormone secretion around coat change.
Waardenburg's Syndrome Genetic defect found in white ferrets, blazes and pandas resulting in deafness
Zipper Not yours, theirs. The dark line that runs down their stomach in the middle.

Original Source: Ferret Universe



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