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And The Lord Created The Ferret
by Katie Butler-Ackenback

And the Lord stretched forth His arms and created the animals of the Earth.

And He saw that it was good.

And as He gazed upon His creation, He felt something furry touching his foot.

As he looked down, He saw a small face look upon His glory.

The Lord bent down to pick up this wiggly little wonder.

The creature peered into the face of the Lord, and the Lord smiled and said, "You, little one, are one of my finest creations. Man shall name you "Ferret" but, I shall call you "Love".

As the Lord spoke, the little creature listened intently.


Then the Lord lifted the little furry creature up to His Father in Heaven, and said, "Little one, I am giving you to mankind, for man will need you to bring love into his heart."

The little creature snuggled all the while in the arms of the Lord, and as the Lord bent to return the creature to the ground, He said, "Your life on Earth will be short, but during that time, you will have touched many hearts bringing much love and happiness to all you meet, and when that time is over, I will call you home to be with me."

When the Lord finished speaking, the furry little creature chattered and jumped, as he knew what the Lord had said to him.

The Lord smiled, shifting His eyes towards the heavens and said, "It is good."


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