Thank You

Where would we be without our love of ferrets? Over the years The Baltimore Ferret Club and Shelter has been honored with many members joining us in gatherings for our furry friends. From this we've had many enjoyable and memorable times together! You became a member so we could all help shelter and educate others as well. When you look into a small animals eyes all they expect back is kindness and love and that is what you have shown in sharing this part of your lives with us! Thank You!


Also over the years many websites have found ours and been kind enough to add our website link to theirs helping others to find us as well. The Baltimore Ferret Club Officers and Members are so grateful that you are out there as well teaching others and linking to us, below is our thanks and link back. Thank You!


If you've linked to us and we missed you please drop us a line at Ferret or animal related sites only please. Thank you!

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